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Over the centuries, humanity has been driven by the feeling of *faster, further, deeper, better*… It seems like it’s in our nature to push the limits. We even have started to equip our bodies with different tools and accessories that are supposed to help us keep up with the rushing world: contact lenses, smartwatches, bypass, AR glasses… Some people, because of their disabilities or experienced accidents, are fitted with a prosthesis. Others are taking it to the next level and implanting chips, magnets, diodes under their skin or antennas into their skulls. Not because they need it, but because they desire more and more!

All of this is getting us closer to become cyborgs. What is a cyborg? Who is a cyborg? Where and when this futuristic vision has begun? What are we becoming as a result of technology development? What will the future bring?

Let’s try to answer these questions together! Join us at the InnBetween for a discussion about the cybernetic future of our bodies!

Snacks and hot drinks will be provided!


  • On the way to become a cyborg - Wide Horizons
    October 16, 2019
    6:30 PM - 9:30 PM



Capucijnenstraat 122
6211 RS

Venue Phone: 0683922330


Find us on Google Maps here!

Head down Capucijnenstraat from the Vrijthof until you see Circumflex. Behind the Circumflex door is a large entrance with the Motessori school to the left. Keep heading down until you see our brightly coloured sign. You can park your bike inside.


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