Upcoming Events

    • Mid-week Meditation
      November 13, 2019
      12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    Every week Wednesday at noon, have an opportunity to take a deep breath, sit down and meditate to find your balance back. Midweek is a…

    • Taizé Evening Prayer
      November 13, 2019
      6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Come and join us for our prayer meditation!

    • Tafelen: Weekly Dinner 21/11/19
      November 14, 2019
      6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

    This week we are hosting a different kind of Tafelen - Pizza & Board Games night. Come along to play, have fun, chat and meet…

Recurring Programs

Monday Morning Meditations

Start your week with a clear mind.

Mondays, 9.30am



Afternoon stress relief with Anais.

Tuesdays, 4pm

Spiritual Singing Circle (Kirtan)

Reflective songs from different traditions

Every second Tuesday, 7pm


 Taizé Prayer

At Sint Servaas Church

Every second Wednesday, 6pm 


Wednesday Midday Meditation

a moment of peace halfway through the week.

Wednesdays, 12pm


Wednesday Events

Lectures & Workshops about Arts,
Culture, Science and Sustainability.

Most Wednesday nights




Weekly vegetarian dinners

Thursdays, 6.30pm


Weekend activities

A great moment to meet people.

Saturdays/Sundays, every two weeks

Join the Refugee Project

The Refugee Project Maastricht is a volunteer-run organization that aims toconnect people from different cultures and backgrounds on a level where they can meet and become friends. The project opts for an approach aimed at building mutual understanding, solidarity and a sharing of different cultures. Our goal is to create an accepting, welcoming, and empowering environment where students, locals, refugees and asylum seekers can see as a new home.

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so what's

The Story?

Home. The InnBetween strives to be a second home for students in Maastricht. A place to eat, study, meet, be together, play games, share your life. The InnBetween aims to be an open-minded community that brings people from different backgrounds together.

Here’s our story. Spirituality is our core business. The InnBetween is rooted in Christianity. This means for us that we first listen to others, and then speak about ourselves. It means that we want to give students a place to be themselves and nothing else. It means we know many people have mixed thoughts about religious organisations. It means we are aware that religion is at the same time a source of hope ánd conflict. It means we are aware that people should be respected to the utmost, whatever they believe or not believe.

It means we are really inspired by that guy that lived 2000 years ago and shocked power institutions, cried with those who cry, and enjoyed to laugh and dance with happy souls. He touch the untouchables, he included outcasts and loved talking to strangers. He criticized outdated and oppressive religion, he lived for others and died for others. That’s our inspiration.

We would love to hear what inspires you. What motivates you. We are also open for your struggles and pain, for what makes you cry, and for what makes you laugh. Please join us in a good conversation over fresh food and a drink. Please join us in being silent for those who are denied to speak their minds. Please join us by bringing your true self to the table. See you soon!