UpcomingVinyasa Flow Yoga


This yoga class is suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. It starts with a short meditation from where we continue into a dynamic yoga sequence, finished by a deep relaxation.

The InnBetween provides mats but we suggest you bring your own. Also, bring something to keep you warm during the relaxation; a blanket or a warm sweater.

About Jeska
Jeska Onderwater teaches gentle Vinyasa Flow classes with special attention for breath-initiated movement, helping you to connect to your body, mind, and soul. By moving your body mindfully and creating space for your intuition to speak, Jeska’s classes stimulate looking within yourself and creating flexibility and strength in your body. She often finishes her yoga sessions with a heart-opening, musical surprise.

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No sign-up is required, but we ask for a 5-15€ contribution per class



  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    December 17, 2019
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



Capucijnenstraat 122
6211 RS


Head down Capucijnenstraat from the Vrijthof until you see Circumflex and Montessori school on the left. Head into the driveway and slightly to the left an up towards the gate. From there you’ll see our brightly colored signs. You can park your bike inside and the way to The InnBetween continues through the garden on the left.

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