ExpiredWhat about Bolivia’s Amazon & Human Rights?


Recently, the Amazon has been the center or focus on both international news and social media. The devastating fires have been deemed the symptom of a larger crisis of illegal deforestation and land seizures across the Amazon, while also being used as a moment of self-reflection concerning consumerism, the current state of our planet and the necessity for sustainability.

While currently topical, the Amazon has been a longstanding area of concern for Amnesty in regards to the rights of indigenous people, as well as the protection of environmental activist, highlighting that those most marginalized within society are often those most vulnerable during environmental crises. Climate justice is the fulfillment of human rights in the face of climate change. It is a process of addressing the climate crisis as a human rights crisis and using the court of law to hold corporations and governments accountable.

While most of the attention is currently focused on Brazil, AIMS would like to point out the cross-border nature of this crisis by using Bolivia as a case study of the situation.

Join AIMS on the 17th of September for a presentation and discussion about the current situation, the implications on human rights and what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future.


  • What about Bolivia's Amazon & Human Rights?
    September 17, 2019
    4:30 pm - 6:00 pm



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